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Hunting for the missing piece of my heart

Astin Darby


Information coming soon.

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Grapie Girl-For letting me use her name
Chris-For Open Office and listening to me ramble and pointing out that Lee wasn't acting very Lee-ish
Bri-I can't find the words to describe all you've done for me. I'm unbeliveably lucky to have you in my life. Olive juice.
The Internet-For teaching me about making pies, saying grace, and a million other things
Billy Joel, Ani DiFranco, Keith Urban, and the dozens of other artists in my music library-For keeping me pumped
Andrew Vachss-For reminding me why I do it.
My Dad-For all the random info, and not being concerned when I asked questions about alcohol

DEDICATED TO: All the Children Of The Secret.
Those who escaped their hell.
Those still trapped in purgatory.
And those playing in heaven.

lyrics from I Want You To Want Me © Rick Nielsen and Cheap Trick